5 fixes for the "you need permission to perform this action"


There are some files necessary for the proper working of your computer. Therefore, Microsoft doesn’t want you to lớn edit these files. Because of this, you may see a “You need permission to lớn perkhung this action” message on Windows 10. Even though it is not an error but it can be a bit frustrating.

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Fix You need permission khổng lồ perform this action error

These are the things you need lớn bởi vì to get around the “You need permission to perform this action” message on Windows 10:Cheông chồng if you are an adminTake Full ControlTake Ownership of File & FolderAdd khổng lồ Administrator GroupLet us talk about them in detail.

1> Cheông xã if you are an admin

Before moving any further we need lớn make sure that you are the admin. If not, you may face this error with some folders which require administrator privileges lớn open.So, to lớn check that, launch Control Panel by Win + R, type “Control”, and hit Enter.

Click User Accounts & kiểm tra the “User” section, there alongside your Profile Picture you will see your Account type. As you can see in the screenshot that my trương mục type is Administrator.

2> Take Full Control

If you are an administrator và still not able to access the tệp tin, you need to lớn take full control of the tệp tin or thư mục that’s giving you the message. To bởi that, right-clichồng on the thư mục and select Properties.Go to the Security tab, click Edit, and tick “Allow” from the Full control section. Finally, clichồng Apply > Ok lớn end things up. Now, try opening the thư mục và kiểm tra if the issue persists.

3> Take Ownership of File & Folder

If you don’t have sầu ownership of that particular tệp tin or folder, you may face this error. Take ownership khổng lồ get around the issue.TIPS:Ultimate Windows Tweaker will let you add the Take Ownership of Files & Folders easily to the context menu.RegOwnIt lets you easily take ownership of Registry keys.

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4> Add to lớn Administrators Group

If you are not a part of the Administrators group, you will face the “You need permission to perform this action” error on Windows 10. So, the best solution for you would be khổng lồ add yourself to lớn the Administrators Group. If you don’t know how to bởi it, follow the given steps.Launch Computer Management by searching it out from the Start Menu.Now, expand Local Users và Groups và click Users.Right-cliông xã on the user you want to lớn add lớn the Administrators Group, và select Properties.Go lớn the “Members of” tab and click Add.Type “Administrators” in “Enter the object names to select” & click Cheông chồng Names > OkClick Apply > Ok.Now, go to the folder that was giving you the “You need permission khổng lồ perkhung this action” error and check if the persists.TIP: DropPermission is a freeware that may interest you.All the best!Related:
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