You do not have permission to access \pc_name contact your network administrator to


You might have recently upgraded your Windows OS to lớn the Windows 10 version. & to your surprise, suddenly you are getting an error message that says: “You Don’t Currently Have Permission lớn Access This Folder” or “Access Denied, You don’t have permission khổng lồ access.” Don’t worry, you are not alone, there are plenty of users who have encountered this problem.

Bạn đang xem: You do not have permission to access \pc_name contact your network administrator to

This issue prevents users from accessing their files và folders. Even if you log into the computer via an administrator account, still you’ll face these limitations. Fortunately, this error is very easy khổng lồ resolve. In this article, we discuss why the “You don’t currently have permission khổng lồ access this folder” error comes up & all the efficient ways lớn get rid of it.


Next, click on Apply và then on OK. Click on Yes > Continue.

Try opening the thư mục that was causing problems earlier. It should mở cửa without any issues now.

3. Change Ownership From Command Prompt

If several folders are giving the same error, i.e., “You don’t have permission to access this folder,” then, you should try taking ownership of the Windows root folder. Follow the steps given below khổng lồ take ownership of the folders via the Command Prompt:

Open the File Explorer.

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Go to lớn the location of the file/folder that you can’t access.Right-click on the file/folder & click on Properties.Next, go to General & copy the location mentioned in the ‘Location:’ sectionNext, press Windows + R keys to mở cửa the Run utility and type in cmd. Then, press the Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys. This opens the Command Prompt window with elevated rights.Type in the command given below và paste it in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter key.

TAKEOWN /F “path of the file or folder tệp tin or folder name” /R /D Y

Note: Don’t forget lớn replace the ‘path of the file./folder’ section with the actual path of the file

Next, run the following command:

ICACLS path of the tệp tin (or folder)file (or folder) name /grant administrators: F

Once you’ve done so, you should be able to lớn access the folder now.

4. Give Permission to lớn ‘Everyone’ From ‘Users Properties’

Open the C drive of the computer.Right-click on the Users folder.Click on the “Properties” option
Click on “Check Names” and then on OKA Windows Security prompt will come up, click on OK.Click on Apply > OK in the Properties window

5. Give Full Control to lớn Everyone

Right-click on the file that is causing the problems & then, click on PropertiesGo to the Security section and click on Edit khổng lồ modify the permission settingsFrom the ‘Group or user names:’ section, select “Everyone”Next, mark the checkbox next to “Full Control” permission. This will give you full control of the file.Next, click on Apply > OKGo back to the Properties screen và click on ApplyThen, click on OK

6. Authorize Your account To Access It

Go lớn the folder’s locationRight-click on the thư mục and click on Properties. Go lớn the Security tab in the Properties windowClick on EditNext, click on Add to địa chỉ your account. The Select User or Group window will come up, click on the Advanced optionClick on Find Now and keep scrolling till you find your usernameClick on OK and again on OK. Restart your system and kiểm tra if you can gain access to lớn the respective folder.

7. Modify Local Policy Settings

Press Windows + R keys from the keyboardEnter the line below & click OK


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