#1, you don t have permission to access windows 10


This tutorial contains detailed instructions to lớn resolve the following problem, when trying lớn access an external USB disk on an HP máy tính with Windows 10: “You don’t currently have permission khổng lồ access this folder. Click continue lớn permanently get access to this folder”. The error persists, even after pressing the ‘Continue’ button lớn get access to the drive.

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The strange error “You don’t have permission khổng lồ access this folder” is appeared on a brand new HP ProBook 450 G5 laptop, when the user tries lớn view the contents of a connected USB disk (Pen drive, USB Drive, etc.).

After investigating the problem, I discovered that is problem is caused from the security permissions that have applied on the HP Client Security Manager program. HP Client Security Manager, is program developed from Hewlett-Packard và allows you khổng lồ protect your data, device, và identity by increasing the security of your computer.

How to lớn fix: No Permission to lớn access USB Drive on HP máy tính xách tay (Windows 10/8/7).

1. Xuất hiện HP Client Security manager.



2. Then click on Device Security.

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3. At Administrators tab, phối the ‘Removal storage’ security khổng lồ Allow – Full Access and click Submit.



4. Additionally (if you want), give Full Access to the removable storage truyền thông media to Standard Users.



5. Finally, if you don’t want the HP Device Access Manger to lớn control the access on the drive, go to Drive Settings and set the corresponding switch to lớn OFF.



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