Advanced taxonomy queries, wp_get_object_terms (wordpress function)

wp_get_object_terms( int|int<>$object_ids, string|string<>$taxonomies, array|string$args=array()): WP_Term<>|int<>|string<>|string|WP_ErrorRetrieves the terms associated with the given object(s), in the supplied taxonomies.

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See WP_Term_Query::__construct() for supported arguments.More Arguments from WP_Term_Query::__construct( ... $query )Array or query string of term query parameters. Taxonomy string|string<>
Field(s) to lớn order terms by. Accepts:Term fields ("name", "slug", "term_group", "term_id", "id", "description", "parent", "term_order"). Unless $object_ids is not empty, "term_order" is treated the same as "term_id"."count" khổng lồ use the number of objects associated with the term."include" khổng lồ match the "order" of the $include param."slug__in" lớn match the "order" of the $slug param."meta_value""meta_value_num".The value of $meta_key.The array keys of $meta_query."none" khổng lồ omit the ORDER BY clause.Default "name".
order string
Whether to lớn order terms in ascending or descending order.Accepts "ASC" (ascending) or "DESC" (descending).Default "ASC".
hide_empty bool|int
Whether lớn hide terms not assigned khổng lồ any posts. Accepts 1|true or 0|false. Default 1|true.
include int<>|string
Array or comma/space-separated string of term IDs to include.Default empty array.
exclude int<>|string
Array or comma/space-separated string of term IDs lớn exclude.If $include is non-empty, $exclude is ignored.Default empty array.
exclude_tree int<>|string
Array or comma/space-separated string of term IDs to lớn exclude along with all of their descendant terms. If $include is non-empty, $exclude_tree is ignored. Default empty array.
number int|string
Maximum number of terms to return. Accepts ""|0 (all) or any positive number. Default ""|0 (all). Cảnh báo that $number may not return accurate results when coupled with $object_ids.See #41796 for details.
offset int
The number by which khổng lồ offset the terms query.
fields string
Term fields to lớn query for. Accepts:"all" Returns an array of complete term objects (WP_Term<>)."all_with_object_id" Returns an array of term objects with the "object_id" param (WP_Term<>). Works only when the $object_ids parameter is populated."ids" Returns an array of term IDs (int<>)."tt_ids" Returns an array of term taxonomy IDs (int<>)."names" Returns an array of term names (string<>)."slugs" Returns an array of term slugs (string<>)."count" Returns the number of matching terms (int)."id=>parent" Returns an associative array of parent term IDs, keyed by term ID (int<>)."id=>name" Returns an associative array of term names, keyed by term ID (string<>)."id=>slug" Returns an associative array of term slugs, keyed by term ID (string<>).Default "all".
count bool
Whether lớn return a term count. If true, will take precedence over $fields. Default false.
name string|string<>
Name or array of names lớn return term(s) for.
slug string|string<>
Slug or array of slugs lớn return term(s) for.
term_taxonomy_id int|int<>
Term taxonomy ID, or array of term taxonomy IDs, lớn match when querying terms.
hierarchical bool
Whether to lớn include terms that have non-empty descendants (even if $hide_empty is set khổng lồ true). Mặc định true.
search string
Search criteria lớn match terms. Will be SQL-formatted with wildcards before & after.
name__like string
Retrieve terms with criteria by which a term is like $name__like.
description__like string
Retrieve terms where the description is like $description__like.
pad_counts bool
Whether khổng lồ pad the quantity of a term"s children in the quantity of each term"s "count" object variable. Mặc định false.
get string
Whether to lớn return terms regardless of ancestry or whether the terms are empty. Accepts "all" or "" (disabled). Mặc định "".
child_of int
Term ID lớn retrieve child terms of. If multiple taxonomies are passed, $child_of is ignored. Default 0.
parent int
Parent term ID khổng lồ retrieve direct-child terms of.
childless bool
True to lớn limit results to terms that have no children.This parameter has no effect on non-hierarchical taxonomies.Default false.
cache_domain string
Unique cache key khổng lồ be produced when this query is stored in an object cache. Mặc định "core".
update_term_meta_cache bool
Whether khổng lồ prime meta caches for matched terms. Mặc định true.
meta_key string|string<>
Meta key or keys lớn filter by.
meta_value string|string<>
Meta value or values lớn filter by.

Default: array()

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WP_Term<>|int<>|string<>|string|WP_Error Array of terms, a count thereof as a numeric string, or WP_Error if any of the taxonomies vì not exist.See WP_Term_Query::get_terms() for more information.

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More Information

It should be noted that the results from wp_get_object_terms are not cached which will result in a db điện thoại tư vấn everytime this function is called. For performance, functions like get_the_terms() (which the results of has been cached), should be used.

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File: wp-includes/taxonomy.php.View all references

function wp_get_object_terms( $object_ids, $taxonomies, $args = array() ) empty( $taxonomies ) ) return array();if ( ! is_array( $taxonomies ) ) $taxonomies = array( $taxonomies );foreach ( $taxonomies as $taxonomy ) if ( ! taxonomy_exists( $taxonomy ) ) return new WP_Error( "invalid_taxonomy", __( "Invalid taxonomy." ) );if ( ! is_array( $object_ids ) ) $object_ids = array( $object_ids );$object_ids = array_map( "intval", $object_ids );$args = wp_parse_args( $args );/** * Filters arguments for retrieving object terms. * *
since 4.9.0 * *
param array $args An array of arguments for retrieving terms for the given object(s). * See
see wp_get_object_terms() for details. *
param int<> $object_ids Array of object IDs. *
param string<> $taxonomies Array of taxonomy names to retrieve terms from. */$args = apply_filters( "wp_get_object_terms_args", $args, $object_ids, $taxonomies );/* * When one or more queried taxonomies is registered with an "args" array, * those params override the `$args` passed to this function. */$terms = array();if ( count( $taxonomies ) > 1 ) foreach ( $taxonomies as $index => $taxonomy ) $t = get_taxonomy( $taxonomy );if ( isset( $t->args ) && is_array( $t->args ) && array_merge( $args, $t->args ) != $args ) unset( $taxonomies< $index > );$terms = array_merge( $terms, wp_get_object_terms( $object_ids, $taxonomy, array_merge( $args, $t->args ) ) ); else $t = get_taxonomy( $taxonomies<0> );if ( isset( $t->args ) && is_array( $t->args ) ) $args = array_merge( $args, $t->args );$args<"taxonomy"> = $taxonomies;$args<"object_ids"> = $object_ids;// Taxonomies registered without an "args" param are handled here.if ( ! empty( $taxonomies ) ) $terms_from_remaining_taxonomies = get_terms( $args );// Array keys should be preserved for values of $fields that use term_id for keys.if ( ! empty( $args<"fields"> ) && 0 === strpos( $args<"fields">, "id=>" ) ) $terms = $terms + $terms_from_remaining_taxonomies; else $terms = array_merge( $terms, $terms_from_remaining_taxonomies );/** * Filters the terms for a given object or objects. * *
since 4.2.0 * *
param WP_Term<>View on TracView on GitHub

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apply_filters( "get_object_terms", WP_Term<>|int<>|string<>|string $terms, int<> $object_ids, string<> $taxonomies, array $args )

Filters the terms for a given object or objects.

apply_filters( "wp_get_object_terms", WP_Term<>|int<>|string<>|string $terms, string $object_ids, string $taxonomies, array $args )

Filters the terms for a given object or objects.

apply_filters( "wp_get_object_terms_args", array $args, int<> $object_ids, string<> $taxonomies )

Filters arguments for retrieving object terms.

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Retrieves the terms associated with the given object(s), in the supplied taxonomies.


Retrieves the terms in a given taxonomy or list of taxonomies.


Determines whether the taxonomy name exists.


Retrieves the translation of $text.


Merges user defined arguments into defaults array.

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Retrieves the taxonomy object of $taxonomy.


Calls the callback functions that have been added to lớn a filter hook.


Initializes the error.

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Used By

Used ByUsed ByDescription

Retrieves terms associated with a taxonomy.


Outputs danh mục of taxonomy terms, in XML tag format, associated with a post.


Gets comma-separated list of terms available khổng lồ edit for the given post ID.


Adds hidden fields with the data for use in the inline editor for posts and pages.


Outputs an unordered danh mục of checkbox input đầu vào elements labelled with term names.


Retrieves a các mục of the most popular terms from the specified taxonomy.


Retrieves the attachment fields khổng lồ edit size fields.


Processes the post data for the bulk editing of posts.


Retrieves the links category IDs associated with the liên kết specified.


Retrieves the terms of the taxonomy that are attached lớn the post.


Updates the cache for the given term object ID(s).


Retrieves all taxonomies associated with a post.


Determines if the given object is associated with any of the given terms.


Retrieves the terms associated with the given object(s), in the supplied taxonomies.


Creates term và taxonomy relationships.


Unlinks the object from the taxonomy or taxonomies.


Removes a term from the database.


Retrieves the adjacent post.


Retrieves the boundary post.


Adds the class property classes for the current context, if applicable.


Updates the custom taxonomies’ term counts when a post’s status is changed.


Retrieves the list of categories for a post.


Retrieves the terms for a post.


Inserts or update a post.


Retrieves bookmark data.


Prepares post data for return in an XML-RPC object.

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4.7.0Refactored khổng lồ use WP_Term_Query, and to tư vấn any WP_Term_Query arguments.
4.4.0Introduced $meta_query và $update_term_meta_cache arguments. When $fields is "all" or "all_with_object_id", an array of WP_Term objects will be returned.
4.2.0Added support for "taxonomy", "parent", and "term_taxonomy_id" values of $orderby.Introduced $parent argument.

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Contributed by Codex—7 years ago


Returns a danh sách of all ‘product’ taxonomy terms that are applied lớn $post:

$product_terms = wp_get_object_terms( $post->ID, "product" );if ( ! empty( $product_terms ) ) if ( ! is_wp_error( $product_terms ) ) echo "";foreach( $product_terms as $term ) echo ""; echo "";

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