Top những trang web test tốc Độ mạng chính xác, top 5 website kiểm tra tốc Độ internet hiệu quả


When your internet is running slow, you may find yourself looking for a speed thử nghiệm website. Here are six of the best that let you chạy thử it for free.

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You no doubt use the mạng internet every day in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be at trang chủ or at work or even reading articles online, the mạng internet is an ever-present commodity, và as such, your internet speed is an ever-present concern.

So, it’s important that you know how fast your internet is really going. Fortunately, there is a wealth of online websites and services which will chạy thử your internet connection & speed. Here are six of the best of them.


First lớn the plate is aims lớn differentiate itself from other internet speed testers by focusing solely on real-world broadband results based in real-world conditions.

It does this by making sure it hosts its servers in the same place that many popular websites do. By doing this, ensures that the results that you get with your tests will be as close as possible to lớn those that you experience when actually browsing.

Related: How to demo Your Wi-Fi tốc độ (And Mistakes You Should Avoid)’s actual kiểm tra runs a little differently lớn some others on this list. Instead of giving you a comprehensive test, asks you lớn specify what exactly needs testing, be it your download, upload, or latency.

A combined thử nghiệm is also possible if you so wish. The actual results are impressive though, giving you averages in comparison khổng lồ your city, country, & the world.

You’ll also see a chart that shows you the change in your speed throughout the test, instead of just the average. This helps khổng lồ make sure the information you get is as transparent as possible.

2. SpeedSmart


If you’re looking for an mạng internet speed tester which focuses on accuracy and ease of use, then SpeedSmart might just be the right fit for you.

Some internet speed testers use multithreading to test your internet. Multithreading has a variety of different functions, but in this case, it just means that the tests are giving you the best possible tải về and upload speeds your mạng internet is capable of achieving. This isn’t always realistic.

Normally, your browsing & downloading won’t be using multithreading in order to speed up its speeds, so why should your tests? SpeedSmart remedies this by making sure that its tests are as close khổng lồ real-world testing scenarios as possible.

The demo itself is quick & easy, & gives you a relatively detailed breakdown of what is happening. You can also access SpeedSmart’s tốc độ Index if you so wish, which will give you helpful information on different providers across the country.

3. Speedtest


Speedtest, also sometimes called Speedtest by Ookla, is an immensely popular mạng internet speed tester, and for good reason. Speedtest was first created in 2006 & has taken over 35 billion tests since.

Speedtest straddles the line between simple to use & feature-rich perfectly. Using the service is easy, all you need to vị is click the big button labeled “Go” and the website handles the rest. That isn’t where Speedtest stops being useful, however.

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You can quickly and easily change the server that Speedtest connects to và the number of connections. Moreover, you can gather information about other people from all around the world.

By using Speedtest’s Global Index, you can see how your internet compares to your country and others around the world with just one click. Speedtest even comes on a wide range of platforms as well, including iOS, Android, & more.

4. Fast


If you’re looking for something simple, và quick lớn use, then Fast might just be the perfect mạng internet speed tester for you. True to lớn its name, Fast is probably the quickest internet speed tester on this list. When you load a webpage, Fast will already begin to work its magic, rapidly testing your tải về speed.

The results are simple, just a straightforward reading of your download speed in megabits per second, but more information is available if you need it as well.

Fast is capable of giving you information on your latency and upload speeds if you’re looking for information on that. You can adjust the specifics of how it tests in a variety of ways, including how many parallel connections you want và how long you want the thử nghiệm to last.

5. SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is a lightweight website that works on all manner of platforms. If you’re looking for a test you can use consistently between browsers on your desktop và phone, then SpeedOf.Me might just be right for you.

SpeedOf.Me functions about how you might expect. All you need to vày is click one button if you want to begin, and SpeedOf.Me will start its testing. The graph used looks interesting and updates in real-time, giving you comprehensive analytics of your internet speed results as you go.

The information isn’t the most robust on the list, but it is interesting khổng lồ look at. There are also options to chia sẻ your results or khổng lồ look at previous checks you’ve made lớn see how your internet has fared over time.

6. Speedcheck

Finally, we have Speedcheck. Speedcheck is a straightforward, no-frills mạng internet speed tester for those of you who are looking for something that’s simple while still being comprehensive.

Speedcheck does everything that you might come khổng lồ expect after having made your way through this list. It can give you information on your latency, tải về speed, upload speed, your IP address, and internet provider.

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If you’re looking for slightly more in-depth information, then Speedcheck has you covered there, too, as it gives you more detailed information on your network stability as well. You can see just how your internet speed varied throughout the test, as well as just how much data the service actually transferred.

You Know Your Speed. Now What?

It’s clear to lớn see now that checking your mạng internet speed is an easy and straightforward process. There’s little reason not to vị it from time to lớn time, just to see how your current service provider is doing for you.

But what can you consider a good result? Many of these services provide analytics, but those can only ever get you so far. It’s more important that you truly know what you’re looking for instead of relying on their results.

How Fast Should Your internet Speed Be in 2021?
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