Http error 404, error 404: 4 ways to fix it


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My site worked fine just a few hours ago. And I have not touched it since then. However, as of now, every single page except for the homepage is showing the following message:

404 Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server! Powered By LiteSpeed Web vps LiteSpeed Technologies is not responsible for administration và contents of this web site!

The homepage seems to work fine. I can"t see any changes & I also scanned it with & it returned nothing. I vì chưng however, have a plugin called Better WP Security installed và it says that there have been some "Bad login attempts" just before that và that all my WP bộ vi xử lý core files has been modified.

I am not sure what to do now as I don"t know how khổng lồ confirm whether I have been hacked or not.

Could it be my host"s fault? Found a thread in a diễn đàn with a similar issue:

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I solved this problem by another simple way...On a Dashboard - go to Settings, then Permalinks and click Save Changes.It works perfectly for me.

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It sounds lượt thích your .htaccess file has been nuked somehow. A plugin attempting to edit it might have corrupted it (I"ve seen it before). In any case, tải về a fresh copy of WordPress và re-upload the .htaccess tệp tin into the home directory. Alternatively, you can change your permalinks settings khổng lồ have it generated automatically.

If your site got hacked, typically you will see some hidden divs and malicious script tags injected into your page and/or within your database. If this happens, you need khổng lồ restore your most recent backup of your files và database. The files on the server should all be considered compromised và a known clean copy must be used.

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I had the same problem and saving the permalinks configuration solved for me. As stated here, it happens because there is no .htacess file or that tệp tin is corrupted, but I would lượt thích to showroom an observation, at least in my case I didn"t have a htacess tệp tin because I took a backup from another server & forgot to lớn enable the option to show hidden dot files, thus ending up not including the htacess file in the backup package.

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Check the permission given to .htaccess file it must be 755 7=rwx 5=r-x 5=r-x

Permission kích hoạt chmod option======================================read (view) r or 4write (edit) w or 2execute (execute) x or 1
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