Tên miền io và những lợi thế mang lại cho website của bạn

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.IO what is it?

IO is the combination of the first 2 letters of Input/Output (Input/Output). Therefore, it is common to see the .IO domain name associated with startups, engineers, programmers or someone passionate about technology.

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At its inception, the IO domain name represented the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the British Indian Ocean Territory. But now, with its popularity increasing, the IO tên miền name is an attractive choice for anyone who wants to lớn find a beautiful & super short tên miền name.

Why use .IO domain name?


You will rarely see .IO domain names because there are few people using them, so if your website owns an .IO domain name name, it will be easy khổng lồ impress customers at first because of the uniqueness và novelty of the name. Domain. Owning a .IO domain name will really make a difference for your company or individual.With only 2 characters unlike .com or .net this is so special that you already own it. Have a short & easy to lớn remember tên miền name.
tên miền names can be used anywhere without limitation within UK territories or British Indian Ocean territories. And has been accepted by Google as a gTLD (general Top level domain) domain name name, so you don"t have lớn worry about your trang web not being noticed by search engines.
With the popularity & popularity of tên miền names .com, .vn, .net, .org, the number of registered users in the world is very large. But with the .IO domain name, it is still a new land waiting for you to use & exploit.By choosing the .IO domain name, it will be very easy for you lớn choose a satisfactory thương hiệu associated with the tên miền name. Without having to lớn worry about someone else buying or owning it.

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Owning a domain name is lượt thích owning a home address & providing information for companies or individuals on the internet. Therefore, the .IO domain will be suitable for the following objects:
For companies and organizations that have activities related to lớn the field of information technology such as software, programming.Individuals who work independently or plan to mở cửa a startup related to the field of information technology.Individuals or organizations wishing to lớn conduct commercial activities in the Indian Ocean market must have a website to deliver nội dung to customers in this region.
jdomain.vn There is a promotion for domain name names at extremely good prices. Hurry up to kiểm tra and order buy tên miền beautiful before your opponent catches your eye.
At jdomain.vn, .IO domain name names are sold from 1 to lớn 10 years. Và the longer you use it, the more likely you are to save money. So, if there is a need for long-term trang web development, sign up for as long as you like and grow from there.
Minimum 1 character and maximum 63 characters including .IO . ExtensionStart with a letter or number và end with a letter và number.Only characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) và dashes (-) are allowed, or a combination of all three.Does not start or kết thúc with a dash character.Does not contain spaces (Example: www.ab cd.IO).

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