Perbaiki error err_too_many_redirects wordpress dengan 3 cara ini


The most comtháng reasons that cause this type of error are outdated cookies, a problem with some redirection plugins, cabít, wrong rules in the .htaccess file, & a problem with your website’s URL configuration with the combination of the Cloudflare settings. Continue reading khổng lồ find out how to lớn troubleshoot this issue.

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Delete cookies

If you are using the Chrome browser, go to Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Data.

In Firefox, go to History > Clear Recent History. Select Details and unkiểm tra all boxes except Cookies. Specify the time range và cliông xã Clear Now.

In Safari, click on Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove sầu All & confirm.

In Opera, cliông chồng on Settings > Delete Private Data > Check both boxes Delete temporary cookies & Delete all cookies, then clichồng on Delete.

Then, refresh your website, & see if the error is present.

Disable plugins

If the problem still occurs, try to disable your plugins from the database or via your dashboard. Follow the instructions in this article in order khổng lồ disable them directly from the database.

To disable your plugins through the dashboard, log inlớn your WordPress admin dashboard > Plugins > Deactivate. Reload your trang web khổng lồ see if the problem has been resolved.

Another proper way of disabling plugins is by using WP-CLI (a command-line interface that allows the users lớn manage their WordPress web sites from the command prompt over SSH). To disable a plugin via WP-CLI, exedễ thương the comm& listed below:

wp plugin deactivate Plugin_NameOnly after trying the methods above sầu, & if the error still persists, disable the plugins by renaming the respective folders. Before making that change, make a backup of your website’s files & database from Site Tools > Security > Backups.

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Then, go khổng lồ Client Area > Websites > Site Tools next to the desired trang web và cliông chồng Site > File Manager. In the left column of File Manager, find the specific thư mục of the redirection plugin và change its name.

Cloudflare settings

Your website’s URL configuration with the combination of the Cloudflare settings can also cause such an error. If you have sầu activated Cloudflare, but your website is not properly configured to work with the HTTPS version, or for some reason, the SSL Support Settings were changed, this will result in the error “Too Many Redirects.”

To fix that, you need khổng lồ adjust Cloudflare’s SSL Support settings according khổng lồ the URL scheme (http/https) that your website is using. The Cloudflare SSL Support settings are located in your Site Tools > Speed > Cloudflare > Manage Cloudflare Settings > SSL Support.


To kiểm tra your website’s current URL scheme and appropriate Cloudflare setting, go to lớn your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. If the Home và Site URL start with “HTTPS”, then you need lớn select the “Full” setting in Cloudflare’s SSL Support.


If the trang chủ and Site URL start with “HTTP”, then you need lớn select “Flexible” is an appropriate setting.


.htaccess file modification

Before modifying the .htaccess file, note that any custom options (added manually or by a plugin) will be lost in case the .htaccess file is replaced with the default one. Also, in case the trang web is using Standard PHPhường. và a PHP version that is different from the Managed, this setting will be also lost và may be required to mix the version again.

Go to lớn Client Area > Websites > Site Tools next khổng lồ the desired website. Then, go khổng lồ Site > File Manager và look for the root directory of your website (public_html). Right-cliông chồng on the .htaccess file và select Rename & add ‘old’ at the over of its name in order lớn keep a backup, và cliông xã Confirm.


Then, create a new file using the New File button & title it ‘.htaccess’.


Right-click on the new file và select Edit. Copy & paste the following values inlớn the tệp tin và Save it:

# BEGIN WordPressRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^index.php$ - RewriteCond %REQUEST_FILENAME !-fRewriteCond %REQUEST_FILENAME !-dRewriteRule . /index.php # END WordPress

Clear cache

If your trang web is using Memcached for example, the changes you make will not take immediate effect. It is recommended that you clear all the cache from Site Tools > Speed > Caching and click the Flush Cache icon under Actions for the desired website. Clear also the cabịt from your browser.

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