Solutions to “google play services has stopped” keeps popping up on noxplayer


Over the recent years, many android emulators have surfaced in the desktop software market. NoxPlayer is one such emulator that allows users khổng lồ enjoy và experience a complete apk environment on computers and laptops. It has been specifically designed lớn host smartphone games that can now be played much more interactively with the help of desktop peripherals.

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Although NoxPlayer has been known khổng lồ provide effective and impressive gaming experiences, it can still drive into some fundamental issues. One of these is the “Google Play services have stopped” error. Since NoxPlayer is modeled entirely for mobile games, the whole emulator defeats the purpose once Google Play services stop working. The following article will discuss how NoxPlayer works, what causes the error mentioned above, and how an end-user can fix it quickly.

How does NoxPlayer work?

NoxPlayer is primarily available on both Windows và macOS. It runs an apk virtual device on your computer, enabling you khổng lồ run điện thoại applications. The software is entirely không lấy phí and can be downloaded from the developer’s official website. It operates on Nougat 7 lớn provide efficient performance for apk games.

Considering the prevalent dominance, we can safely bet that its features help NoxPlayer outplay the competitors. It offers smooth gameplay, provides controller compatibility, and lets you have root access lớn the virtual device.

However, sticking lớn a relatively older OS version comes with its caveats. Many users worldwide have reported some critical bugs that are frustrating & diminish overall performance. Even if your computer meets the basic system requirements for NoxPlayer, it will still run into some conventional errors repeatedly.

What causes the “Google Play services has stopped” error?

Among the most frequent errors on NoxPlayer is the “Google Play services has stopped” notification. It immediately shuts down whatever program is running & puts the device into an idle mode. The only option then left is to lớn restart the emulator. Before we move on to the methods of fixing this error, let us look at two evident causes.

1. Defective installation

When running an android emulator, it usually comes with several official Google services and installed apps. However, in some cases, it is possible that the Google Play services on your respective virtual device are defective & were not installed correctly. You will have lớn perform a manual reinstallation on the emulator in that scenario.

2. Redundant apk features

Most apk emulators include almost everything you see on a regular app android mobile device. Though, many of these are not of any use. Some of these features have been reported lớn cause critical errors and issues. They effectively hinder the seamless operation of that emulator. The “Find my device” feature was often identified as a glitch in NoxPlayer, forcing Google Play services to lớn stop. Since there is absolutely no practical use of “Find my device” on desktops, you are advised lớn disable it permanently.

Common fixes for the “Google Play services has stopped” error

Following is a các mục of 4 different methods that have proved quite effective in successfully resolving the “Google Play services has stopped” error on NoxPlayer. Please go through each one of these methods in the same order lớn ensure optimal results.

1. Disabling the “Find my device” feature

The “Find my device” feature is an otherwise somewhat helpful and functional feature on di động devices. Though we consider that you are operating a virtual app android device on a computer, there seems no reasonable point in keeping it enabled. Moreover, user review that report it being involved in Google Play services errors suggest an even stronger reason to disable it as soon as possible.

Step 1: xuất hiện “NoxPlayer” on your desktop và launch the virtual apk device.

Step 2: Go lớn the “Tools” thư mục from the homepage. Click on the “Settings” icon to xuất hiện device settings.


Going to device settings

Step 4: Click on the three-dot icon in the vị trí cao nhất right corner of your screen. Select “Reset tiện ích preferences” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: A pop-up window will mở cửa to confirm the operation. Click on the “Reset Apps” button in the bottom right corner.

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Resetting app preferences will not result in the loss of any data or progress whatsoever. It will only rearrange the additional tiện ích settings that have to bởi with day-to-day usage.

3. Clearing Google Play services cache

Occasionally “Google Play service has stopped” problem arises because of the Google Play services cache. Cached files for any app android application might contain elements that inhibit it from functioning seamlessly. Like the apps you host on it, Google Play services itself is an apk application. Therefore, the di động stores its cache and data files intermittently.

These files are prone to lớn corruption over time, especially when dealing with them in an emulated environment. Thus, it is always recommended to lớn keep clearing them for all applications on NoxPlayer. Now that you are facing a critical issue, a logical step would be to try and remove all such files from your device. Clearing the Google Play services cache is lượt thích refreshing the entire service and giving it a new start.

Step 1: xuất hiện “NoxPlayer” on your desktop and launch the virtual app android device.

Step 2: Go to lớn the “Tools” thư mục from the homepage. Click on the “Settings” icon to mở cửa device settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to lớn find “Google Play services”. Click on its icon to mở cửa the respective “App info” page.

Step 6: You will be redirected lớn a new window that displays the total storage allocation for Google Play services. Click on the “Clear Cache” button to lớn proceed.

The error in question might be caused by the Google Play Store instead. After clearing the Google Play services cache, use it for some days and check if the same error appears anytime soon. If it does, go over to lớn clear cache for Google Play Store. The steps for doing that are precisely similar to those listed above.

4. Reinstalling Google Play services

Google Play services are pre-installed on all apk devices, but they cannot be removed like regular applications. The relevant procedure involves downloading it in apk format và then rewriting it over the current version.

Step 1: xuất hiện “NoxPlayer” on your desktop và launch the virtual android device.

Step 2: From the homepage, mở cửa the mạng internet browser và paste this links into the address bar. Scroll down and click on the “Download APK” button.

Step 3: Once the file has been completely downloaded, a message will appear in the notification panel. Click on it to open the installation page.

The Google Play services application already formatted in NoxPlayer will be replaced when the installation finishes.


The “Google Play services has stopped” is one of the most commonly reported errors on NoxPlayer. Knowing how to deal with it will save you from restarting the emulator every time it abruptly appears. Khổng lồ get rid of it for good, you will have lớn follow one or more of the methods listed in today’s article. Since it only appears intermittently, you might have khổng lồ wait to lớn verify if it has been resolved or not. Read about fixing the “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” error on Google Play.

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