Mail delivery subsystem là lỗi gì


When you skết thúc an tin nhắn message from your gmail trương mục and receive an error saying that the mail delivery failed, it means that the receiver did not receive sầu the email you sent. This error could occur if forwarding is turned on in the tin nhắn trương mục. Also, if the gmail trương mục is hijacked or if the recipient"s mail hệ thống has an issue, then the tin nhắn delivery will fail. The error can be fixed by turning off forwarding. There are also few other solutions to lớn fix the mail delivery error. Continue reading to lớn learn how lớn disable Mail delivery subsystem in Gmail.

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Method-1: Disable Forwarding

Step 1: Launch a website browser on your computer and go lớn the Gmail login page.Step 2: Following that, log in to your Gmail trương mục using your tin nhắn address và password.Step 3: Once the page opens up, click the gear icon & select See all settings.Step 4: Click the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab và find the Forwarding section.Step 5: See if forwarding is enabled và tichồng the checkbox beside Disable forwarding lớn turn it off.Step 6: Scroll down and select Save sầu Changes to save sầu the settings.

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Method-2: Scan The Computer

Step 1: Use a reliable third-tiệc nhỏ malware scanner khổng lồ scan the computer và proceed with how to lớn disable mail delivery subsystem in Gmail manual.Step 2: After scanning the device, if there are any malware or corrupted files, remove them immediately.Step 3: Restart the computer và make sure those files are deleted.Step 4: Retry to skết thúc the tin nhắn and check if you can sover the tin nhắn.

Method-3: Change The Account Password

Step 1: If someone has hacked your trương mục, they could misuse it for sending spam emails. So, it is important khổng lồ change the email password once you receive sầu such errors.

Even though the mail delivery error unable to lớn fixed using how to disable mail delivery subsystem in Gmail manual, click the Điện thoại tư vấn button available lớn get instant solutions.





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