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Lucid Gen’s comprehensive Liên hệ Form 7 WordPress thiết đặt guide will help you get a liên hệ khung right away. You will be notified via email và get data from Contact Form 7 by Connecting Contact Form 7 to lớn Google Sheets. I find this way very convenient for reusing data later. If your website is using WordPress, what are you waiting for? See how khổng lồ use Liên hệ Form 7 right below.

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What is Liên hệ Form 7?

Contact Form 7 is the most popular & completely không lấy phí size builder plugin for WordPress.It will help WordPress have the ability lớn create a contact size and insert the khung inkhổng lồ any page you want.Liên hệ Form 7 thiết đặt allows you to customize various fields of information and title.Liên hệ Form 7 can skết thúc notifications when there is data khổng lồ multiple emails at the same time.Because of its popularity, many other developers have added special features khổng lồ it with add-on plugins.

Contact Form 7

Instructions on how khổng lồ use Liên hệ Form 7 include the following main ideas:

Instructions khổng lồ mix up Contact Form 7 WordPress khổng lồ have sầu a satisfactory khung.Configure SMTPhường for Contact Form 7.Connect Liên hệ Form 7 with Google Sheets lớn get data from Contact Form 7.Finally, chia sẻ some beautiful Contact Form 7 templates.
Video tutorial to lớn set up Liên hệ Form 7 khổng lồ connect with Google Sheets

How khổng lồ set up Contact Form 7 super standard

You access the trang web administration.Go to lớn Plugins > Install New to lớn installContact Form 7.

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Try filling out the real estate consultation khung in the role of a customer who wants khổng lồ see a Mã Sản Phẩm trang chủ and receive sầu a quote

Immediately I received an email with the same content as I installed in the Mail configuration section.

And in the Sheet that receives my data, I immediately jump to the data I just filled in.Like, Share, Comment for Lucid Gen guys:v.

Share the beautiful Contact Form 7 template

I write articles with my heart. When I write, I write to the extreme.If you are still confused about how to create a khung, I have sầu some common templates available.

How khổng lồ use:you copy the form’s code, paste it in the Form Content, edit the text và then clichồng Save the size.Then you reload the page & then go lớn the Mail Configuration tab lớn edit the type of gmail received when the customer successfully fills the form.

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