Windows hosting, the best free asp


Windows 2022 / 2019 Virtual server from $14/mo

Linux VPS from $5/MonthAccess with RDP, SSH or website console

Windows VPS Linux VPS

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không tính tiền .Net Hosting

free ASP.Net website hosting 150MB storage, 5GB transfer ASP.Net 2.0-4.8, Net vi xử lý core 3-7 30MB MSSQL 2014/2016/2019 không tính tiền third level domain FTP access

MS SQL Hosting

MS SQL 2019/2016/2014 3000MB data, 1500MB log kích thước 10000MB backup storage auto backup every 12 hours Manual backup/restore/attach Remote database access

Virtual Servers

Windows or Linux Full Admin/root access RDP/SSH và Web console Automated Setup/Upgrades Daily backups High chất lượng hardware

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Hosting Tools

Latest Windows giải pháp công nghệ Windows 2022, 2019 or 2016. MS SQL 2019, năm 2016 or năm trước IIS 10.0/8.5/7.5 with latest scripting components Mixed scripting environment Choice of ASP.Net v4.8/v4.7/v4.6/v4.5/v4.0/v3.5, ASP.Net bộ vi xử lý core 5/6/7, AJAX, Silverlight, MVC v1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.05 MS SQL databases Host MS SQL 2014, 2016, 2019 or 2019 with ability to backup, restore and attach databases. SQL & T-SQL support. Automated backup every 12 - 24 hours. Manual backup. VPS/VDS packages Great value Virtual dedicated servers hosted on industry leading virtualisation platform VMware ESXi with root access.

Over 1374000 Websites hosted

Host with confidence

Since 2004 provides Windows Hosting, ASP.NET Hosting, MS SQL Hosting và VPS/VDS solutions. In the Web-hosting industry where technology changes quickly our customers get the latest updates as soon as they are available. Being on the market for over 19 years, adaptive khổng lồ our customers needs with frustration-free service và latest technologies available in no time we are the best choice for your hosting needs!

Adapting khổng lồ customer’s needs

We won"t hold you back. Where other hosts say no, we say let"s take a look. As long as your requests vì not pose a security risk, is legal and will not compromise the server or its performance or negatively impact other customers, we"ll work hard khổng lồ make your technology, custom components và special requests work for you.

Affordable instant hosting package thiết lập

You can get your Windows hosting tài khoản up & running within the next few minutes and if for any reason you are not happy within 60 days, we"ll refund your money, no questions asked. Try us risk free and start building powerful websites & save money at the same time.


Providing help 24/7

A team of certified experts provides 24-hour help all year round with installing, configuring và upgrading our products và resolving any technical issues. Standard support is available around the clock, every day of the year & is included at no extra cost in all prepaid subscriptions.

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