Vietnam’s truc nhan pushes boundaries with edgy videos on lgbtq issues & more


Vietnamese singer Truc Nhan talks to lớn Vietnam about pushing boundaries with his edgy videos, such as his latest, "Sáng M?t Ch?a (Eyes Wide Opened)."


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Nhân is now known in the Vietnamese music scene for singing about topics society generally avoids discussing openly. His lyrics & videos take on a campy tone that uses humor lớn tame the sensitive subject matters of his message.

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In his latest tuy vậy and video, “Sáng M?t Ch?a (Eyes Wide Opened),” he attends the wedding of his gay lover who is about to marry a woman to lớn please his older & more conservative family members. Nhân — who is openly gay in real life — plays the role of a jealous và scorned lover, và threatens to lớn reveal his relationship with the groom, but (spoiler alert!) eventually wishes the newlyweds all the best. LGBTQ issues remain a taboo subject among the older generation in Vietnam, many of whom bởi not live in major cities and have very limited exposure to other cultures.

The đoạn phim — Nhân’s most expensive investment lớn date — has paid off with more than 40 million YouTube views since its debut two months ago. Nhân flew his entire team from Vietnam to a remote province in neighboring xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan to shoot the video.

In one of his other hits, “TH?T B?T NG? (It’s Surprising),” Nhân takes a dig at the entertainment industry, singing about scandals and bad deals. The clip was mix in a small rural residential community, with the folks who live there going about their normal daily activities alongside its fair nói qua of controversy existing in the underbelly of the community. It seemed this was meant lớn be a microcosm for the entertainment industry. The tuy nhiên shocked his peers, but the public loved it, and Nhân was rewarded with two awards for the song in 2016.

Xem thêm: Hướng Dẫn Cách Chuyển Thanh Công Cụ Từ Trên Xuống Dưới Win 7 10 Vietnam recently spoke to lớn Nhân about the success of “Eyes Wide Opened.” “The recognition & love I received from the audience for ‘Eyes Wide Opened’ is both a lucky streak, but at the same time, due khổng lồ a lot of hard work,” he shared. “I decided khổng lồ put in a production budget four times greater than my last music video clip project, “L?n R?i Còn khóc nhè (Grown Up But Still Crying).”

Nhân describes himself as a fastidious & yet defiant person. When collaborating with someone, “I am willing to lớn forgo that relationship with that person just to lớn get what I want.”

In creating “Eyes Wide Opened,” there was a lot of back and forth withMew Amazing, a famous young Vietnamese songwriter. “When I hold in my hands the tuy nhiên I love, I will be able khổng lồ sing it with as much joy & love as I plan to convey in my music,” Nhân shared. “I am not able to perform any tuy vậy well if I truly bởi not have a love for it. I would not be able to lớn live with myself.”

Nhân said there was pressure associated with creating an expensive music video, but that it was worth it. “If you have seen my previous music videos, you never see Truc Nhân emerge from a private jet, or be driven around in a luxury limo, or associated with high-end expensive items, but I still value và want to lớn ensure I deliver a top-notch quality music video …

“Anyway, I am still young, therefore I should take this time và energy to invest & build my career. I am indeed very happy and fortunate that being a young person, I am able to lớn pursue my passion and see its success.”

Nhân’s tuy nhiên “B?n Ch? L?m (Four Words Lam)” fuses the contemporary with traditional folk music. As for his music videos, Nhân uses simple ideas and scenes from everyday life lớn communicate his message.

We asked Nhân if his goal is for his music to lớn go international. “Yes, all artists và musicians would love khổng lồ have his or her music heard from far & away. However, before one does that, the artist needs to ensure their music is ready khổng lồ be heard by an international audience.

“For myself, I remind myself everyday to keep evolving one step at a time, & to become the best version of myself, to have enough confidence to present my music outside Vietnam, khổng lồ the world out there. I need khổng lồ ensure I represent my country proudly, that Vietnamese music is good. It would be my dream to achieve that status.

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