Are you getting this error “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert” on your website? If yes then in this post we are going to discuss why this error comes & how khổng lồ fix it.

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What Causes “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert” Error?

This error means that the name on the certificate is not recognized, & the error mainly took place due to lớn any SSL configuration error.Also if you redirect the HTTP version of the site khổng lồ HTTPS without installing the SSL. In this scenario too you may get this error.

How to lớn Fix “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert”?

Fix 1: Scan Your SSL For Any Error

As I said above that the error can take place due khổng lồ any SSL configuration error. So khổng lồ fix the issue you have to find the error with your SSL configuration, and you can bởi vì this by scanning your site SSL from Qualys SSL Labs scan.Go to lớn Qualys SSL Labs scan.Enter your domain.Tap Scan.Wait till it completes the scan.If the scan result shows any error, screenshot it.Then contact your hosting provider or SSL certificate provider, và ask for solutions.

Fix 2: Use A Different Browser

Sometimes the error also occurs if three is some error in the configuration of your browser. Lớn find out if this is the case, simply use a different browser.If your site works perfectly in a different browser then clear the cache for your default browser, and also check if you are using the latest version of the browser.

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Fix 3: contact Hosting

If the SSL scan shows no error, and there are no issues with your browser too then you should liên hệ your hosting provider.Your hosting provider can inspect the SSL certificate và will let you know the possible reason for the issue.In most of the cases they will fix the issue from their end, otherwise will provide the exact troubleshoot.

What To do If You Redirect the HTTP version of the site lớn HTTPS without installing the SSL?

Sometimes it happens for some people that they change the HTTP version of their site khổng lồ HTTPS without installing the SSL. Và the site started showing “err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert” error.To fix the issue try the steps given below.The first solution: You just need to locate the wp-config.php under your site tệp tin manager. Then edit the wp-config.php và set the HTTP version back to lớn your site.

Second Solution: You can also liên hệ your hosting provider, if they have permission they can access the wp-config.php file & set the HTTP version back to your site.Like This Post? Checkout MoreHow lớn Fix “Nonce_failure” Error In WordPress?What Is Wlwmanifest.Xml In Your WodPress Site? & How to Remove It?How lớn Fix liên hệ Form 7 Error “There Was An Error Trying to Send Your Message. Please Try Again Later.”?How khổng lồ Fix If “Blink Cameras Not Working”?

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