App vault là gì

On our phones there are secrets that can be accessed by touching certain settings and a perfect example of this is the Xiaomi app vault . The App Vault function was introduced in the MIUI 9.2 stable ROM for Xiaomi mobiles and has since been available, hidden, for all mobiles running this operating system or higher.Going into detail … 
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The application vault is a function that can be added to the left of the home screen, that is, it is accessed by sliding your finger to the right. This panel provides direct access to all your frequently used functions, such as calendar events, creating notes, direct access to the cleaning function, adding events, etc …You can also add any other application that you use frequently and locate it in this panel as a shortcut.

How is this panel activated?

It is a predefined option in the Xiaomi launcher and there are two ways to access it:While on the home page, twin inwards with two fingers and, at the bottom, click on the settings icon. Once inside, you must locate the switch that enables the app vault.The second option is to access this screen from the settings app, locating the Home Screen and Recents menu.

What does App Vault offer?

This screen is divided into 5 clearly differentiated elements:Search bar : Here we can enter any search to find content on the Web or within the phone itself.

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Accesses: Panel where you can insert shortcuts to 8 phone functions or applications.

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Security: Direct access to the system optimizer, a kind of widget from which we can clean the phone and show suggestions for action to improve the performance of your Xiaomi smartphone.Brief note: As its name suggests, we can create a quick annotation and access it immediately by sliding our finger to the right and entering this App Vault panel.Calendar: Quick access to the calendar to check the date and add new upcoming events or review past ones.At the end of the whole you will find the Customize button that allows you to eliminate any of these five elements or change their order on the screen.

Why has it disappeared in MIUI 12?

With MIUI 12 something quite curious happens. The first versions of the operating system continued to allow use of this screen, quite comfortable as we have seen to quickly access apps or phone functions.What’s more, Xiaomi redesigned this app vault in MIUI 12 with a much more rounded design, blur effects and better organization, but with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and the new versions of MIUI 12, this “secret” screen has disappeared.
> As has happened with other Xiaomi tools, present in the phone or messages app, it seems that Google has “vetoed” the App Vault application from the operating system . Something similar happened with OnePlus and its OxygenOS Shelf panel that has also been replaced by the Google application in the latest versions of the operating system.Even today it is possible to find the vault of Xiaomi mobile apps with MIUI 12 because the change affects certain ROMS but the logical thing is to think that sooner or later, it will be an exclusivity of MIUI 11 that, yes, it can be followed using by installing the App Vault manually.
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