Apache will not start without the configured ports free

Apache is an open-source website VPS. Apabít VPS was founded in 1995. You can run as local hệ thống for testing environment. So you can configure Apache on local server then you find out some error.

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Apabịt Will Not Start Without The Configured Ports Free

The website VPS is always running “80” ports.

XAMPP is a collection of many other software such as Apabít, mysql, php, perl, phpMyAdmin and FTP Server etc. So you can run only XAMPP then run many other features.You can try as same time run Skype và XAMPP. Then conflict website ports 80. Now I can solved this error mas sa “Apabịt Will Not Start Without The Configured Ports Free”. This error message lượt thích as below.


Skype & XAMPP. cannot run at the same time on your computer. The reason is that Skype data transfer through “80” port.

This error massage can resolved two way.

You can change XAMPPhường. http website portChange Skype Another portStep #01: Now I configure XAMPP. http website ports. mở cửa your XAMPP control panel.

cliông xã Config open httpd.conf file via any editor Notepad or Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3. See like as image below.


Step #02: Edit on all 80 port into httpd.conf file. Find 80 port Ctrl+f tìm kiếm 80.

Then you can change 80 lớn 8080 Listen port. Config below

#Listen 8080Another change 80 port ServerName localhost:80

Change ServerName localhost:80 to ServerName localhost:8080

Then save config file.

Again start your Apabịt website hệ thống now all is ok và enjoy it.

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Another option change Skype port. Step #03: mở cửa your Skype goto Tools / Options /Advanced / Connection.

Change Use port “566” for incoming connection. Use any port for Skype incoming connection.

Connection: Set up how Skype connects to lớn the mạng internet.

Uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 for additional connections” 

then cliông chồng Save sầu it.

Enjoy XAMPPhường và Skype at the same time.

VMware port error of 443 on XAMPP. Control Panel v3.2.1

Again tying run Apache và VMware workstation is blocking port 80.

Step #04: Now Change Apache 443 port. mở cửa Apabịt control panel gokhổng lồ config httpd-ssl.conf file.

Find 443 port Ctrl+f search 443 then edit all 443 to lớn 4433.

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