How to add idm extension in chrome

If you’ve Google Chrome installed on your computer and when you install Internet Download Manager (IDM), it will install its extension inlớn Chrome, which you need khổng lồ allow, or you can enable it anytime by visiting Chrome extensions page then you can able to lớn download files in Chrome by using IDM.

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This article tells you how lớn install IDM integration module Chrome extension manually if you’ve sầu not found it installed in the extensions Chrome extensions page or when the integration wasn’t worked.


Install IDM Integration Extension in Chrome

1. All you need lớn vị is visit IDM installed directory in Program files, here is its path for navigation in Explorer

“C:Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager”.

2. And drag-n- drop IDMGCExt.crx extension onkhổng lồ Chrome://extensions page or visit Chrome menu > Tools >Extensions.


Note: Make sure you checked ‘Hide Extensions for Known file types’ in n Folder Options dialog to lớn see IDMGCEXt with crx extension.

That’s it IDM Integration extension will be installed in Chrome.

Cheông chồng the video tutorial on YouTube.

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Bonus: Similarly, if Firefox has shown compatibility problems for IDM extension & disabled it in the browser, remove sầu it. Then download và save sầu idmzzcc.xpi extension from here, and drag- n- drop it onto the Firefox address bar lớn install.

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Update: Though IDM parent company Tonec itself offers extension on Chrome Web Store, it has never officially mentioned or acknowledged about that on its trang web. But it is legitimate & official IDM extension, don’t install extensions from third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ and get inkhổng lồ trouble.

You can download IDM extension on Chrome Web Store from here.

If you’re an IDM user using Vivaldi, know how khổng lồ integrate IDM into Vivaldi. 

Using Microsoft Edge browser? Let me tell you IDM extension for Edge is now available on Microsoft Store.

If you’re an Opera user, check How lớn Add IDM extension khổng lồ Opera browser.

check out this article if want khổng lồ install IDM integration module extension in Chromium Edge browser.

Ask me if you’ve sầu any doubts regarding IDM in the comments, I am happy to lớn help.

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