How to add facebook comments to your page


Social Media is one of the most effective sầu ways to promote your business and reach a wider audience. It allows you lớn reach new potential customers at the cliông chồng of a button, but what better way to advertise your site then to let existing customers comment và chia sẻ their thoughts on your trang web on their own profile!

With the Facebook Comments Box this is exactly what you can facilitate và encourage. It allows your customers to lớn post comments about your website in the bình luận box và it appears on their Facebook profile. This is perfect for any products you would lượt thích reviewing or where customers could leave sầu comments about their experience with your business. In this guide we will be looking at how lớn add this khổng lồ your trang web.

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How to lớn set up the Facebook Comments widget

To mix up this widget please follow these steps:

Cliông xã “Content” from the Top Menu.Select “Widgets” from the left-h& menu.Cliông xã the “Add New Widget” button.Click on the “Facebook Comments” box.Name your widget by filling in the “Widget Name” field.Choose whether you would lượt thích customers lớn bình luận on the “Current Website Page” that they are on or a “Custom URL”. If you would like them to lớn bình luận on another page then please fill in the URL of this custom page in the “Enter your custom URL” field.Choose the width of your widget in the drop-down các mục, from “Small”, “Medium” or “Large”.In the “Number of posts lớn display” field, enter the number of posts you would like visible in your comments box.From the “Colour Scheme” drop-down các mục choose the colour of your widget box. You can see the different colour options available below: WhiteBlackClichồng the “Save sầu Changes” button in the bottom left-h& corner

How to lớn add the Facebook Comments widget khổng lồ your page

Now your comments box is all phối up and ready khổng lồ go, you will now need to add this to lớn your website page.To bởi vì this please follow these instructions:

Cliông xã Content on the top menu

Click Edit This Page (the pencil icon) next lớn the page you would lượt thích to edit

Clichồng the Add Block button in the bottom left-hvà corner

From the drop-down menu, select Custom


6. You can then drag và drop the Custom Element nội dung bloông xã onlớn the desired place on the page.

Once the Custom Element block has been added to lớn the page, you can clichồng the + inhỏ & use the drop-down menu to lớn select what content you would lượt thích to add to the page.

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You’ll see you can select nội dung including Widgets, HTML FragmentsandCustom Forms, as well as combinations of other blocks such as Buttons, Headers, Images, Videos, Maps and Text.

A placeholder icon will be added to the page và if you cliông chồng the Settings icon, you can specify exactly which widget or HTML fragment for example, that you would lượt thích khổng lồ use. Clichồng Done and then save your changes.

Please remember you will need lớn "Publish To Web" for the changes khổng lồ take effect on your live sầu site.

Once this has been added to lớn your site your Facebook Comments box will appear on your live site, as shown below:

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