503 valid rcpt command must precede data


The outlook error 503 valid RCPT commands must precede DATA is usually encountered while sending e-mail simply implies that the message did not reach its intended destination or recipient.

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As ugly as the error message sounds, you need not fret if you get the Outlook error 503 message as this may happen khổng lồ any user due to lớn several reasons.

If you are using the Outlook Express on your PC and receive this message while sending an email, this article is especially for you. We will extensively discuss the cause of Outlook error 503 và how to lớn fix the error.

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Major Causes of Outlook Error 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

Usually, when you get the Outlook error 503 message while trying khổng lồ send emails, it may be as a result of any of these two major reasons listed as follows:

You need to confirm the thư điện tử first before sending an email (checking e-mail first is one of the numbers of ways email providers can use khổng lồ secure your e-mail account). If you did not verify the email before sending, you may receive the Error 503 Outlook message.The most common reason for this message is wrongly or improperly setting up the e-mail client for SMTP authentication.

These two are the causes of the Outlook error 503 valid RCPT commands must precede data. Let us now discuss how lớn fix this error.

How bởi vì I Fix Outlook Error 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA?

Usually, the Outlook error 503 problem arises as a result of some errors in the settings connected to lớn the e-mail server. The thư điện tử cannot be sent because of a few trivial mistakes, as well. Here are some arranged solutions which have been tested khổng lồ remove và fix the 503 error Outlook problems;

1. Remove Apostrophes

Most users who had the error 503 Outlook issue have found this very useful. While inputting the name of the recipient for the thư điện tử make sure you remove apostrophes. Also, should the sender of the email inform you that he or she cannot seem khổng lồ send an email, ask them to lớn remove any apostrophes present.

Confirming if apostrophes are used can solve this unwanted problem. After removing the apostrophes, you can go ahead khổng lồ confirm if you can send the email.

2. Switch off your VPN

VPN connections help make you anonymous online. If you are using any & you encounter the 503 Outlook error, make sure you turn off the VPN connection because a VPN connection can malfunction at any time as a result of some security measures. After turning your VPN off, try sending an thư điện tử again or confirm if the error 503 message still appears.

3. Check your Mailbox

Is your mailbox full? If yes, you need to have it cleared out immediately. The 503 valid RCPT command must precede data error may also arise due lớn this seemingly minor issue.

Using Outlook to lớn send an email, confirm that copies of emails are not saved on the vps by;


Clicking on the tệp tin optionClicking on the trương mục settings optionClicking on the select thực đơn setting optionUnmark the checkbox next under the advanced option next to lớn the leave a copy of this message on the server.


After following these processes listed above, try to lớn resend the email or refresh your mailbox after clearing out your mailbox lớn confirm if the error 503 outlook problem persists.

4. Confirm Before SMTP

Before attempting lớn send a new e-mail to anyone, it is important you confirm if there is any new message in your mailbox. Using Outlook, press the F9 key from the keyboard to perform that same task.

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After that, you need to reboot the thư điện tử service. Remember to lớn run the spam filter on the e-mail application which may take up to lớn 30 minutes lớn reach completion và allow it reset khổng lồ be able khổng lồ send emails like as previously. After this, you may attempt khổng lồ send the email.

5. Configure SMTP Authentication

This happens to lớn be the most helpful fix to lớn completely obliterate 503 valid RCPT commands that must precede DATA. As a result of incorrect authentication of SMTP, a lot of users have had to giảm giá khuyến mãi with this problem. Khổng lồ authenticate the email service simply navigate to the ‘My hệ thống requires authentication’ option.

Also, you may decide khổng lồ change the outgoing port from 25 to 26. This swift change can relieve you from the hassle instantly. Sadly, some Service Providers may not tư vấn port 25 for thư điện tử services.

Should you, however, use the Outlook năm 2016 application, then here is an excellent solution to lớn resolve issue 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA. Lớn configure your SMTP & resolve 503 issues, follow the steps as listed below;


Click your particular e-mail account as shown from the tài khoản Settings window then click the account and choose the ‘Change’ option. Next, choose the More Settings option.Next, navigate lớn the tab labeled Outgoing Server.Ensure that you mark the checkbox which is seen next lớn the ‘My outgoing hệ thống (SMTP) requires authentication’. Then, choose the option labeled ‘Use the same settings as my incoming mail server’. After this, continue with the Advanced tab.Below the Advanced tab, you have to lớn select the ‘Outgoing server option’. Make sure you phối its port as 465. Also, ensure you choose the SSL option from the ‘Use the following type of encryption’ menu. Then select the OK button.After this, continue with the Next option from the Internet e-mail Settings window. Clicking the finish option completes the process.

6. Try the professional Outlook repair tool

Various reasons can cause Outlook error 503 valid RCPT command error. But you can fix the problem using the best third-party tool like Stellar Outlook Repair. It scans all the corrupted PST files, repairs, và restores all mailbox contents speedily.

Try It miễn phí

The repaired e-mail attachments are saved as new PST files. You can then import them in Microsoft Outlook.

Here are the detailed steps to lớn repair pst with this software:

Step 1: showroom .pst File

Launch the Stellar Outlook Repair tool. Click "Select Outlook PST" in the home tab. A pop-up window will appear. It asks you to lớn Browse or Find the PST file for data recovery.


Step 2: Repair the pst File

Now hit the Browse button if you know the location. If you bởi vì not know, click Find to search the PST.

Then, click Repair lớn start the PST repairing process for Microsoft Outlook mailbox recovery. The scan time depends upon the PST size and extent of corruption data.


Step 3: Preview and Save

Preview the restored Microsoft Outlook mailbox items. Then choose "Save Repaired File" in the trang chủ tab. A pop-up screen will occur with tệp tin format options. Select the PST file & click Browse. Finally, Click OK lớn save recovered mailbox data.



Trying to reach friends, loved ones, or business associates via email and not being able to bởi vì so can be frustrating. Carefully apply the tips & suggestions as rendered in this article, take note of trivial things that may have caused the 503 issues lớn prevent it from occurring subsequently thereby fixing the Outlook Error 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA.

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